Thursday, August 20, 2009

File Storage – The Dog ate my Homework!

“The dog ate my homework” was the old excuse, the new one is now “my computer crashed”. I know of schools having a policy that any “computer” excuses don’t count for extensions anymore. They have taught the students about and encourage them to use online sharing and storage devices. Online storage, such as MediaFire, can forever save the day. Here is a file which I have uploaded for sharing. It is a worksheet I took to school on my USB, printed out, copied and laminated for a Soundwaves activity. (I just realized how much admin we do as teachers).

Thong Words

After signing up for an account it was so easy to upload my files and manage them in folders. I have had problems where I had to delete or clear my USB because the file I needed for uni was too big and I am now so happy to have found this site. Simple to upload, simple to manage and simple to share is MediaFire’s (2009) slogan and I totally agree. This would be a great way for the learning manager to have files ready for students and to access whenever they need to and from anywhere. It could eliminate the need to hand in lots of paper for assignments, students could simply upload their file for the learning manager to retrieve and grade. Our students today are all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet (Prensky, 2001). Learning Managers should keep this in mind when approving extensions for the “someone stole my USB” or “my computer didn’t work” excuse because truthfully our students KNOW!!!

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