Monday, August 17, 2009

Mahara – Professional version of Facebook??

So I have created a Mahara account, which is an open source ePortfolio and social networking web application. It provides users with tools to create and maintain a digital portfolio. Users can create a ditgital resume (containing education, skills, ambitions, etc.), run one or more blogs, upload and manage files and stay in contact with other users. The user can also create his own groups within the community. Therefore Mahara is much more than just a place to store data (Wikipedia, 2009).

My account is still fairly empty; however, I am enjoying the process of finding things I am proud of to add. Having this account has made me aware of how my students may feel having their works displayed and being a part of documenting their learning. Education Queensland says that children gain great enjoyment and a sense of pride when learning is captured and displayed and their articulation of these experiences is fostered (Department of Education and Training, 2009).

Portfolios in the classroom:
• Can record a child’s ongoing development over time – A portfolio can follow the child wherever they go.
• Involves the children assessing their own work - As children participate in the portfolio process, they begin to reflect on and understand their own strengths and needs.
• As a method of Communication - Portfolios are a collaborative effort involving teachers, children, parents, and often other family members too.

The E-Portfolio is to make every student’s learning visible through powerful reflective conversation and for every student’s digital portfolio to be a dynamic celebration and story of deep learning (Department of Education and Training, 2009).

I am excited to create digital portfolios for my students. I am particularly interested in experimenting with children’s voiceovers and videos. I like that I can build my own with Mahara and get a sense for how my students will feel.

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