Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teaching the Natives!!

Goin on a bear hunt
I'm not scared
Gonna catch a big one
I'm not scared
Oh look! It's some new digital technology!!
Can't go over it
Can't go under it
Can't go around it
Got to go through it

Funny concept – teaching the natives – It’s like me trying to teach Japanese to Japanese people – I don’t even know the language!!!! However, Prensky (2001) says that learners (like myself) can be categorised as digital natives. Natives are born into and grow up enveloped by digital technology and therefore develop a specific language and syntax around the technology, whereas immigrants are forced to adapt to a digital world.

I may consider myself a native with my i-phone, laptop, facebook, twitter, google reader, i-tunes, i-pod, podcasts, 3 email addresses and web pages, but there are definitely times when I feel like an immigrant. When I see so many types of technology and 6 years olds using i-phones; my year one students making power point displays; when I couldn’t – it can become overwhelming.

Though, I am excited at what these blogs will inspire me to do in the classroom. This blog alone can become a great resource of tools and ideas for the practicing teacher. Please comment and add your great thoughts too.



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