Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Piknik – Photo Editing FUN!

I have been playing around on Piknik. I was having so much fun changing colours, resizing, adding borders, adding text and stickers on my photos that I lost track of time and realised I had been sitting and tweeking for over an hour. I have included some of the photos I was editing. I was also pleased to know that Piknik can link directly with Flickr, which I think is beneficial, because Piknik can not store your photos. So, once editied and happy, simply store and share them with Flickr. I was amazed the amount of editing tools available for FREE with Piknik, but for a small fee you can access many more effects. I found Piknik to be easy to use and understand, which got me thinking of ways that I could see it used in my classroom.

Students can demonstarte the Arts Essential Learnings by using Flickr and Piknik. They could experiment editing and using various colour shades and tints to create balance, contrast and patterns. (QSA, 2009). They could also manipulate images to create media texts. (QSA, 2009). Students can create storyboards, brochures, advertisments and posters using these tools. Engagement theory explains how these types of technology tools encourage the creativity and communication needed to nourish engagement (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999).

I am excited at the prospect of using these tools in my classroom and engaging my students with the technology that suits their generational requests.

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  1. Hi Bec,wish I had your artistic flair, what you did with picnik is cool and it gives me more insight into how to use it for younger students.
    Well done, Stuart