Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Podcasting – Listen to Me!!!

I am an iTunes junky. I have been downloading music and podcasts for so long and I love how accessible it is. I can download from wherever I am, at home on the computer or on my iPhone/ iPod out and about.

iTunes is free and has many useful educational songs and podcasts. The site also is easy to search and download which makes it a great resource for your classroom.

In my searching, I came across a subscription to Behind the News (or BTN) which is a kids news program put on by ABC. I was familiar with BTN as I watched it weekly with my year 7 students. The show can be seen twice weekly on free to air television and has great relevance to the students. The thing I do like with this podcast subscription is that it can be used at any time and when it is relevant to your unit topics. BTN also has a very teacher and student friendly website which includes teacher notes for each of their episodes.

I also like the “Hooked on Phonics” subscription for my early year classes. The learning manager could download as many or little as they needed and use these for literacy rotations, as a hook for a lesson, for practice or even having the students act out some of the stories that they tell. The episodes are very child friendly visually and they are easy listening.

It’s great that anyone can podcast themselves. Learning Managers could record themselves reading a book for a listening post or for older students to catch up on work with their MP3 player. Students could create their own Audio Podcast being a news reporter. The assignment – Audition to be the new Behind the News Crew Member. Students would research a current event and create a news item that could be podcasted.

Podcasting, is it the new listening post? No more damaged tapes and scratched CD’s? Prensky (2001) does say that today’s teachers have to learn to communicate in the language and style of their students. That doesn’t mean changing what is important but the way teach it and make it relevant to our students should be a priority.

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  1. Hey Bec, I absolutely love the idea of the students recording themselves in an active, real life and relevant learning experience. This would encourage the learners to research and get involve with the world around them. I LOVE IT.
    Kind Regards